Best-quality Ingredients

We use only the freshest ingredients for meals that you, personally, create.

Meals Tailored to Your Taste

We brought the experience of ordering food to perfection, making only what you like and how you like it.

Biodegradable Packaging

We take care of the environment by recycling and using only biodegradable food packaging.

Delivery Without Limits

We deliver where you want us to deliver. Only Sarajevo, for now, with other cities to follow soon.


4 Reasons to Start Eating More Soup Today

Soups. They warm you up. They keep you hydrated. Taken either from yesterday’s pot, or a thermostat while you are at work – soups do not disappoint. They are often easy to make and always easy to freeze. But remarkably, there is much more to soups than all this convenience. And we are here to… continue reading

Superfood of the Future: Quinoa

Which food is strangely reminiscent of a grain, yet is a seed? Quinoa (keen-wah), a seed currently at the forefront of health food, is most often categorized as a “grain” for its similar properties. While it is just becoming increasingly popular, it has actually been around for thousands of years already. Ancient Incas called it... continue reading

Why Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruit Are So Good for You

Nutritionists are becoming louder and louder about the benefits of nuts, seeds and dried fruit – and we are here for it. All three play an important role in a healthy diet, and growing evidence suggests that eating them daily can lower your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Plava Tikva took some time to... continue reading


For centuries already, salads have been a key part of people’s diets in all parts of the world, and although previously considered appetizers or side dishes, in the last couple of decades, salads gradually started to win the status of the main dish. This is the kind of salad – the main dish salad – that we at the Blue Pumpkin believe in.

We also believe that everyone deserves to enjoy a salad just the way they like it. This is why we carefully selected over 70 different ingredients and toppings for you to create your salad from, making it just the way you like it.

Our main dish salads start off with an affordable price that includes no less than 11 ingredients, if you so pick, and a distinct dressing. From then on, you can choose to make your salad, based on either healthy vegetables or healthy fruits, rich in protein (by adding meat, fish and other protein toppings), cheese, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, superfoods, pasta or bread. Play with different flavors and discover what your perfect combination is.

We will prepare your salad carefully and deliver it to you promptly.


A soup can be a meal on its own or it can perfectly complement your salad.

Our soups come in several basic flavors, depending on the season, but you can always choose to make them distinctly your own by adding dozens of toppings and garnishes we prepared for you.

Your soup will arrive at your doorstep pleasantly warm, in either a glass jar or a biodegradable packaging. Let’s eat healthy while taking care of our environment, together.


When it comes to our juices, think fresh fruits only and no water and sugar added.

Also, think top-notch “Kuvings” cold-press juicer. Unlike traditional juicers that tear through ingredients at high speeds, creating heat and taking away the juice’s precious nutrients, the cold-press juicing method lets our juices keep all the flavor and all the nutrients. What’s more, in this process there is no fast oxidation, meaning that your juice won’t be watery and frothy.

It’s always nice to have a few glasses of premium juice together with your meal, wouldn’t you say?


Eating healthy doesn’t mean we are off limits.

Make your own perfect super-healthy chia pudding – your daily dose of protein, omega 3 acids and fiber.

Blue Pumpkin chia pudding contains almond milk that we make ourselves for you.

Add your favorite healthy toppings and mix flavors just the way you like them!

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Dear friends, Blue Pumpkin stopped it operations due to consequences of the pandemic. If you are interested in any kind of cooperation, please write to info@plavatikva.com. We might meet again one day. Until then, eat healthy, stay healthy. Thank you for your trust. <3