Soups. They warm you up. They keep you hydrated. Taken either from yesterday’s pot, or a thermostat while you are at work – soups do not disappoint. They are often easy to make and always easy to freeze. But remarkably, there is much more to soups than all this convenience. And we are here to share it. Read on for 4 reasons why you should dive, spoon first, into the cosy bowl of your choice.

  • Minerals and vitamins!

Researchers found that soup eaters have higher diet-quality scores than those who skip soups. This is because soups are great sources of both minerals and vitamins. Rainbow-colored soups, namely green, orange and red ones, contain calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, as well as different vitamins such as B, A, C, and K. Tomato soup, for example, has selenium, copper, and potassium – an important mineral many of us neglect in our diet, and 8% of the recommended amount of vitamins A and C.

  • You get it all, and you get it easily.

Soup lovers get more servings of veggies overall. Soups are an excellent way of packing a number of veggies into a single bowl. On the contrary, eating all those vegetables raw would be a long, chewy and a lot less satisfactory process. Besides being vegetable dense, soups tend to stay tasty no matter how creative you get. Wish for some healthy fats? Drizzle a bit of avocado or flaxseed oil. Wish for some calorie-free cheese? Goat cheese is your pal.

  • Digestion? Checked.

When made right, soup has enormous potential. Unfortunately, this is often compromised by nasty preservatives and artificial flavors. Here at Plava Tikva we pride ourselves with both careful preparation of each and every pot, as well as the freedom we give you in creating your own bowl. A warm bowl of soup does not only have a soothing effect on our mind, but also on our digestion. The cooked veggies and beans are easy to digest, and for more fiber rich soup make sure you sprinkle some chia or flax seeds over it.

  • Healthy weight management partner.

Soup is your partner in healthy weight management. Soup is low in calories, yet yummy and filling. Study done at Penn State University found that including a soup in the meal leads us to consume fewer calories for that meal, and to be equally satiated as the ones who skipped the soup and had larger calorie-intake. Besides, research has also shown that a bowl of soup can keep us fuller for more hours than consuming those same ingredients separately. At Plava Tikva, there is goodness in every bowl of soup. Tomato soup? Great! – cooking tomatoes actually increases their nutrient quality. Pumpkin soup? Terrific! – pumpkin is loaded with vitamins that boost immune system. Pea soup? Smart! – a cup of pea soup contains nearly 5 grams of fiber, helping you reach the recommended daily intake. Lentil soup? Fantastic! – lentils are low in calories, but high in both protein and fiber. So which one will be your today’s choice?

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