How and why did the Blue Pumpkin come to be? ?


Here in Europe, we have been eating salads ever since the time of the Roman Empire. We used to see them as merely side dishes, as something that came together with the real meal, but as our eating habits changed, so, too, did salads begin to take up the choicest places on menus around the globe. Nowadays, they are one of the pillars of healthy eating, and here at the Blue Pumpkin we believe that this is precisely the status they deserve.

Traditionally, salads were prepared mostly with vegetables. In time, fruits were also brought into the mix, and then also protein toppings such as meat or fish. As the world and commerce expanded, our diets became more and more diverse – with salads it was no different. Since salads invite us to make the most unusual combinations of ingredients, they easily became the playgrounds for culinary creativity. There hardly exists an ingredient that cannot find its place in a salad: fruits and vegetables, meat and other sources of protein, pasta and bread, nuts, seeds, dried fruits… All those flavors that we love and enjoy. This is also something we believe in – everyone should be able to have their salad just the way they like it.

Out of these two beliefs – that the salads are a pillar of healthy eating and that everyone deserves a chance to create their own salad – the Blue Pumpkin was born: a place where we eat healthy and eat what we love. Alongside salads, we have also introduced soups and juices as two additional sources of energy and healthy nutrients. In the future, we plan to expand our offer further and we hope that we will enjoy various different flavors and combinations together with you for a very long time.

We want the Blue Pumpkin to play the very same role that it plays in our lives – that of a quick, convenient and trusty way to eat healthy.

In some countries, a blue pumpkin signifies spaces that pay attention to food allergies, while in some cultures it is also used to raise awareness of autism. Both are important to us, and we will do our best to contribute to this dialogue through our work. For now, however, we simply want the Blue Pumpkin to become a synonym for healthy eating.

What does the Blue Pumpkin have to offer?


The Blue Pumpkin is the only place where you alone have a say about which ingredients will be a part of your meal. We, on the other hand, choose these ingredients carefully, prepare and arrange them, and then deliver the final product in a biodegradable packaging.

You can place your order solely through our website. Payment is made in person, after the delivery is made, but soon you will also be able to make credit card payments online.

On our website you can also open your user account. It will give you an overview of your orders and also allow you to repeat your favorite order with just one click.

After we receive your order, and depending on the specified delivery time, we begin preparing your food using healthy and carefully selected ingredients.

Once prepared, your meal is put into a biodegradable packaging. For our regular customers, we offer reusable glass containers. If you plan to stay with the Blue Pumpkin for a long time, tell us so, but you can also wait for us to reach out to you. We will present you with this packaging offer after you’ve made your third order.

Finally, our pleasant delivery staff will bring your meal to your doorstep. For now, we only deliver in Sarajevo, but other cities will follow too, soon.




In Blue Pumpkin we want to eat natural, but not at the cost of nature. We use only biodegradable packaging, and for our regular customers we have also prepared reusable glass containers. Our long-term goal is to offer healthy eating and delivery options that do not involve single-use packaging at all. Also, our goal for 2021 is to make deliveries by relying solely on electric vehicles.

Another long-term goal for us is to oversee and control the production of the majority of the foods we offer, with the aim of reducing our ecological footprint to the greatest possible extent.




The Blue Pumpkin is a brand from Sarajevo and we currently deliver our healthy food only in Sarajevo. We are preparing to open franchises in other BiH cities and in the region – so just give us a bit of time!

You will pay 2 KM for door delivery in Sarajevo. Each delivery will include the bill and if you don’t get the bill you don’t need to pay. Soon we will open our first bar in city center where you will be able to pick up your favorite meal and save delivery cost.

We make deliveries in five of the city’s municipalities: Stari Grad, Centar, Novo Sarajevo, Novi Grad and Ilidža.


BP Pricing Policy


Here at the Blue Pumpkin, we believe in fair prices. So, when we sometimes change the prices of certain ingredients or when our prices aren’t rounded up, please don’t hold it against us. We change the prices based on the changing supply costs, as well as other factors that influence the preparation and delivery process. We do our utmost to avoid raising prices, opting to do so only when the price of a certain ingredient increases and will remain that way for a longer time. On the other hand, we offer discounts on those toppings and ingredients that we manage to acquire at more affordable prices on a short-term basis. It might not be a bad idea to consider ordering at the Blue Pumpkin more frequently – after all, maybe this week’s special discount applies to your favorite ingredient or to a topping that you’ve been wanting to try for a while.


Who’s behind the Blue Pumpkin?


Simply, a group of friends, investors and health and travel aficionados. While traveling the world we’ve had the opportunity to try the most wondrous salads of South America, East Asia, and everywhere in between. Having enjoyed the salad bars of different parts of the world, and being unable to accept our city’s lack of healthy eating options, we decided to open the Blue Pumpkin – a place where we eat healthy and eat what we love.

The COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily prevented us from opening Blue Pumpkin salad bars at their planned locations in Sarajevo, but since there should be no delays when it comes to healthy food choices, we decided to start with catering, that is online orders and delivery. Soon, however, we hope to spend time with you at our bars in Sarajevo.

Our Head Chef is Nedim H., an experienced chef who worked in several different countries, as well as reputable restaurants such as Marriott and The Four Room of Mrs. Safija. The Blue Pumpkin Team takes care of every logistical detail: from careful selection of healthy foods and ingredients and purchase of biodegradable and reusable packaging to safe and trusty delivery carried out by the well-known BiH brand Balkan Transfer.

The Blue Pumpkin is fully oriented towards delivering only the highest quality in all aspects of its work. Please send us your complaints and suggestions to info@plavatikva.com. Thank you for your trust.

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Dragi prijatelji, Plava Tikva je prestala raditi zbog posljedica pandemije. Ukoliko ste zainteresirani za saradnju, pišite nam na info@plavatikva.com. Vidimo se možda jednoga dana. Do tada, jedite zdravo i budite zdravi. Hvala na povjerenju. <3

Dear friends, Blue Pumpkin stopped it operations due to consequences of the pandemic. If you are interested in any kind of cooperation, please write to info@plavatikva.com. We might meet again one day. Until then, eat healthy, stay healthy. Thank you for your trust. <3